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From Crankcase to Gas Tank: New Microwave Method Converts Used Motor Oil Into Fuel

Read the full story from the American Chemical Society.

That dirty motor oil that comes out of your car or truck engine during oil changes could end up in your fuel tank, according to a report presented here today at the 241st National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS). It described development of a new process for recycling waste crankcase oil into gasoline-like fuel — the first, they said, that uses microwaves and has “excellent potential” for going into commercial use.

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Some Ingredients in “Green” Products Come from Petroleum Rather than Natural Sources

Read the full story from the American Chemical Society.

With more and more environmentally conscious consumers choosing “green” products, scientists today reported that the first reality check has revealed that the ingredients in those products may come from a surprising source –– petroleum, rather than natural plant-based sources.

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Carbon Labeling: Putting the Power in Consumer’s Hands

Read the full story from Vanderbilt University.

Almost all climate scientists agree that actions must be taken to lower carbon emissions, also known as greenhouse gases, to reduce the risk of damage to the environment and ultimately human health. A group of researchers say adding carbon labels to products could help change purchasing behavior and corporate supply chains, ultimately leading to large emissions reductions. They propose a private labeling system to fill the gap until national and international rules are adopted.

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Coming Soon: A Massive Wind Farm to Power Kenya

Read the full story in Fast Company.

There are some 700 million people in Africa without access to electricity. As the continent modernizes, those people will need power. But could African power be a perfect place for leapfrog technology–when a developing society goes straight to the most modern technology without going through the iterations seen in the developed world? A new windfarm in Kenya might indicate yes.

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Bill would keep light bulbs burning in S.C.

Read the full story in The Sun News.

If state Rep. Bill Sandifer has his way, incandescent light bulbs will keep burning brightly in the Palmetto State after the rest of the nation switches to lower-energy-using bulbs.

The South Carolina Incandescent Light Bulb Freedom Act, which is up for debate on the House floor next week, would allow makers of the traditional bulbs in South Carolina to continue selling their product – but only in S.C.

That way, Sandifer said, the interstate commerce issue that the federal government uses as its basis to regulate such things wouldn’t come into play, and states’ rights would prevail.

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W. K. Kellogg Foundation Funds an Endowed Chair in Sustainable Environmental Food Systems at the UNM

Read the full story from the University of New Mexico.

The Uni­ver­sity of New Mex­ico Sus­tain­abil­ity Stud­ies Pro­gram has received a $1.5 mil­lion grant for an endowed chair in sus­tain­able envi­ron­men­tal food sys­tems and $150,000 in start-up funds from the W.K. Kel­logg Foun­da­tion. The endow­ment will sup­port edu­ca­tion that increases the well-being of stu­dents and cit­i­zens by advanc­ing envi­ron­men­tal sci­ence and social equity applied to the devel­op­ment of local food systems.

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Applications now being accepted for 2011 Illinois Governor’s Sustainability Awards

The University of Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) is now accepting applications for the 2011 Governor’s Sustainability Awards. The Center, in cooperation with the Office of the Governor, has honored organizations for their efforts in sustainability and pollution prevention since 1987. 2011 marks the 25th year of the Awards.

For the award application, please tell us your story. We want to know what you did, how you did it, and how it helped your organization, the environment, and your community. This is a competitive award, and successful applicants will provide detailed, creative, and compelling descriptions of significant activities whose benefits encompass the three aspects of sustainability: environment, society, and economy. Applications will only be accepted electronically and must be submitted to GovsAwards@istc.illinois.edu by May 27, 2011 for consideration.

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Taking a spring break

I will be on vacation from March 18-March 25. New posts will begin appearing on March 28. See you then!

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Multi-university program looking for bioenergy teachers

Read the full story in Biorefining Magazine.

The Northeast Bioenergy & Bioproducts program is looking for people who are excited about the possibilities of biofuels and bioproducts. Through a collaboration of six universities, the program seeks teachers and interns who can explain or learn about those “bio” possibilities, offering three opportunities to future teachers and participants that range from a 12-week internship to varying length master teacher training workshops.

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