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How Many Watts Does that PC Consume Exactly, and Why?
By Andrew Binstock
The relatively simple but eye-opening act of testing the energy used in various computer configurations at your company is one way to overcome an IT manager’s biggest frustration: not knowing how much energy is used by each new piece of hardware.

LSI Corp. Joins the Green Grid
LSI Corp., a semiconductor designer and manufacturer, joined the Green Grid this week to help lower data center power consumption.

Highly Energy-Efficient Windows Vista PCs Made Possible by New VIA Mainboard
The new pc3500 mainboard from VIA Technologies can let manufacturers build desktops that use less than 50 percent of the energy of a typical Energy Star 4.0-compliant machine.

HP Expands Free Computer Recycling for Chinese Businesses
The expanded service will now offer free recycling for HP products to small businesses as well as to individuals, the company announced last week.

Cassatt Launches Green Computing Strategy
The company’s power management technology offers companies of all sizes a way to maximize energy efficiency in data centers.

Dell, HP, Microsoft and Apple Seen as Greenest Tech Companies
U.S. consumers view Dell, HP, Microsoft and Apple as the greenest tech companies of the land at a time when green factors are emerging as a “critical-mass” consideration, according to a new survey released by Ipsos Insight.

AMD Unveils Long-Awaited Energy-Efficient Chip
Advanced Micro Devices’ new Quad-Core Opteron processor, which has long been known by its code name, Barcelona, will give IT pros a new way to manage their data centers’ energy use.

Sun Creates Portable Data Center That Fits Into a Storage Container
Sun Microsystems has created Project Blackbox, which it touts as the world’s first virtualized datacenter that fits into a storage container.

Electronic Product Environmental Labels
This paper from the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) discusses the various environmental label types and programs affecting electronic products and details EIA’s position on the appropriate use of these labels.

Questions to Ask a Recycler
You will want to know some basic information when securing an electronics recycler, regardless of size of your operation. The Federal Electronics Challenge, a voluntary program that encourages government agencies to manage electronics waste in an environmentally responsible way, has put together this checklist to assist you in selecting an electronics recycler that best fits your needs.

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