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Report: Business Needs Compelling Reason to 'Green Up'

Read the full story in Environmental Protection. George Mason University Professor Nicole Darnall is hoping her new report will give clear guidelines on how the government can help businesses “go green” and how being green will even help companies financially … Continue reading

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Office Carbon Footprint Tool

This tool was created to assist organizations in making decisions to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with their activities. It allows users to develop an estimate of their GHG emissions from a variety of sources including company-owned vehicle … Continue reading

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Choosing a Responsible Recycler: A Guide for Generators of Secondary Hazardous Materials

This new fact sheet from U.S. EPA is targeted at businesses that are disposing of equipment containing hazardous waste (e.g. computer equipment). The brochure gives a list of questions to ask potential recyclers before sending outdated equipment to them.

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Unlocking Energy Efficiency in the U.S. Economy

In this report, McKinsey & Company offers a detailed analysis of the magnitude of the efficiency potential in non-transportation uses of energy, a thorough assessment of the barriers that impede the capture of greater efficiency, and an outline of the … Continue reading

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Working for the Climate Renewable Energy and the Green Job [R]evolution

Working for the Climate is a study to determine the potential for ‘green jobs’ in the energy sector, and how this potential compares to a business-as-usual approach, with little or no action being taken to avert climate change. We found … Continue reading

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Calculator runs cost numbers for plug-in vehicles

Read the full post at GreenTech. Automakers this week are showing off all manner of fuel-efficient concept cars at the Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany. But, in general, the majority of people are reluctant to pay a big premium for … Continue reading

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