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Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, Testimony Before the U.S. House Subcommittees on Energy and Power and Environment and Economy, As Prepared

As prepared for delivery. Chairmen Whitfield and Shimkus, Ranking Members Rush and Green, and Members of the Subcommittees: Thank you for inviting me to testify about President Obama‚Äôs budget request for the Environmental Protection Agency. Congress enacted the Clean Air … Continue reading

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Global Warming Could Severely Impact U.S. Military Operations

Read the full story from Texas A&M. Changing global climate due to on-going and projected warming have great potential to impact U.S. naval forces worldwide, according to a panel report issued today that includes a Texas A&M University researcher.

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Obama Administration Announces Launch of i6 Green Challenge to Promote Clean Energy Innovation and Economic Growth

The U.S. Department of Energy joined with the U.S. Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) and its Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship today to announce the opening of the $12 million i6 Green Challenge, which will also be conducted in … Continue reading

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Nanotech extends battery life for smartphones, satellites, supercomputers

Read the full post at SmartPlanet. Like electric cars, the one weak link in the rapidly advancing technology of electronic devices is the battery. As memory capacity grows and processors become faster than ever, the battery remains a large, clunky … Continue reading

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3 ways to make sure your water strategy holds water

Read the full story in SmartPlanet. I have been noticing heightened interest in water management and consumption reduction as part of corporate sustainability strategy for months; this post from last fall is a synopsis of why the private and public … Continue reading

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How To Stop Junk Mail

Read the full story in the Huffington Post. Over 100 billion pieces of unsolicited mail are stuffed into U.S. mailboxes each year. Not only is this junk mail considered by many to be simply annoying, it is also extremely wasteful. … Continue reading

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