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3 ways to make sure your water strategy holds water

Read the full story in SmartPlanet. I have been noticing heightened interest in water management and consumption reduction as part of corporate sustainability strategy for months; this post from last fall is a synopsis of why the private and public … Continue reading

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EPA Seeks Public Comments to Help Develop Management Practices for Recreational Vessels

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking public comment from boaters and other stakeholders to help develop proposed regulations, as required by the 2008 Clean Boating Act, to reduce water pollution and the spread of invasive species in the … Continue reading

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What can 28,000 rubber duckies lost at sea teach us about our oceans?

Read the full story at Mother Nature Network. In 1992, a shipping crate containing 28,000 plastic bath toys was lost at sea when it fell overboard on its way from Hong Kong to the United States. No one at the … Continue reading

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A Budgeter’s Guide to Rainwater Harvesting

Read the full story at Earth911. With much of the U.S. digging itself out from piles of snow, those toasty July days seem an eternity away. But the warm, dry months will come, and there is no time like the … Continue reading

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A Nano-Solution to Global Water Problem: Nanomembranes

New nanomaterials research from the University at Buffalo could lead to new solutions for an age-old public health problem: how to separate bacteria from drinking water. To the naked eye, both water molecules and germs are invisible — objects so … Continue reading

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Careful Sleuthing Reveals a Key Source of Sedimentation

Read the full story from the Agricultural Research Service. Much of the Mississippi River’s sediment load doesn’t come from field runoff, according to work by scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Instead, the scientists with USDA’s Agricultural Research … Continue reading

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The Green Machine: Algae Clean Wastewater, Convert to Biodiesel

Read the press release from Rochester Institute of Technology. Let algae do the dirty work. Researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology are developing biodiesel from microalgae grown in wastewater. The project is doubly “green” because algae consume nitrates and phosphates … Continue reading

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Forceful Fluid: Scientists Discover a Starchy Substance with Oily Applications

Read the full post at EnergyBlog. Bachelor kitchens are rarely known for their cleanliness. One reason is that bachelors can make a complete meal of condiments. Another is that when faced with a sudden spill, bachelors become instant innovators, grabbing … Continue reading

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World Phosphorous Use Crosses Critical Threshold

Read the press release. Recalculating the global use of phosphorous, a fertilizer linchpin of modern agriculture, a team of researchers warns that the world’s stocks may soon be in short supply and that overuse in the industrialized world has become … Continue reading

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Application Solicitation to Support the National Tribal Water Council

EPA anticipates making approximately $880,000 available through a cooperative agreement to provide support for the National Tribal Water Council (NTWC) over the next four years, and assist in developing and completing products in coordination with the NTWC on issues related … Continue reading

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