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A Brief Guide to LibGuides (and how this relates to P2 Week)

Thursday, September 19th, 2013 by

p2 libguideLibGuides is a web 2.0 platform that libraries use to create topical guides to help their users find information. It combines the best features of social networks, wikis, and blogs into one package. Librarians can incorporate RSS feeds, video, web links, bibliographic citations, search boxes, and other finding aids.

LibGuides also allows librarians to create polls and allows users to comment on specific resources and tools within each guide. Users can also sign up to receive e-mail alerts when new content is published, either for particular topics/keywords or for a specific librarian.

Five of GLRPPR’s topic hubs have been repackaged as LibGuides. They are:

In addition to the repackaged topic hubs, I have developed a number of other guides on various sustainability topics, including the Pollution Prevention 101 LibGuide (pictured at the end of the post), which is a compilation of tools and resources useful for P2 technical assistance providers, particularly those who are new to the field.

Other sustainability LibGuides include:


Celebrate P2 Week by learning from P2 Pioneers

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 by

Thu, Sep 19, 2013 noon – 1:00 PM CDT
Register at

This webinar, designed specifically for P2 Week 2013, will bring together a sampling of the pioneers in the pollution prevention field to discuss the development and progression of pollution prevention in policies, industries, and other institutions. This webinar will review the evolution of our field from waste minimization to pollution prevention to sustainability. It will include a discussion on the use of tools such as P2 and energy efficiency assessments, the emergence of voluntary programs, the growth of networks and partnerships, the stabilization and expansion of performance metrics, and the skill sets needed to carry out these programs.

Cam Metcalf, Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center, University of Louisville
Cindy McComas, University of Minnesota
Gary Hunt, North Carolina State University

Cam Metcalf is a national leader in pollution prevention and energy efficiency technical assistance, training and applied research with a career that spans more than 30 years. He joined KPPC – Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center – as Executive Director in 1995.

Cindy McComas is a co-project manager for the Safer Chemistry Challenge Program, a program of the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable. She is also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Minnesota teaching a fall course on pollution prevention and energy efficiency. Cindy served as Director of the Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP) at the University of Minnesota from 1985 through 2010.

Gary Hunt is a founding member of the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable and former Director of the North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance. He started as the program’s first technical staff member in 1985 and then became Director of the program for 21 years. He was also Director of P2Rx’s Southeast Waste Reduction Resource Center serving EPA Regions 3 and 4.

Happy P2 Week!

Monday, September 16th, 2013 by

2013-p2-week-posterPollution Prevention (P2) Week, held during the third week of September each year, highlights the efforts of organizations across the country in making pollution prevention a cornerstone of sustainability. The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have information about events occurring throughout the country.

Within the region, the 16th Annual Pollution Prevention Conference and Trade Show will be held next week on September 25-26, 2013, in Plainfield, Indiana. The event combines Indiana’s annual Partners in Pollution Prevention Conference with NPPR’s annual conference. The agenda includes workshops, panels, and presentations from national and local speakers regarding pollution prevention, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. The conference will provide excellent networking and learning opportunities.

In conjunction with this conference, GLRPPR will he holding a half-day meeting on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 24. The meeting will follow an unconference format. Attendees propose and vote on topics of discussion, then join the groups that interest them. We will have two hour-long sessions. Depending on the number of topics suggested and attendee wishes, we may repeat topics in both sessions. Submit your suggestions for discussion topics here. Register for the meeting at There is a $15 charge to attend the meeting, which will cover room and refreshment costs.

If you’re looking for things you can do to be more sustainable, check out Michigan DEQ’s P2 Week guide. It includes practical pollution prevention tips for individuals and organizations.

What are you doing to celebrate P2 Week? Share your activities in the comments.

Happy P2 Week! (Sept. 19-25, 2011)

Monday, September 19th, 2011 by

P2 Week Poster 2011Happy Pollution Prevention (P2) Week! Celebrated during the third full week of September every year, P2 Week is a time to reflect on what you and/or your organization are currently doing to promote pollution prevention and sustainability, as well as a prime time to consider what more you could be doing. Check out the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR) web site and the US EPA site for more information on activities taking place this week throughout the country; tips for increasing energy efficiency, reducing waste and sustainable practices; and news. (And of course, you can always browse through the online resources on the GLRPPR and P2Rx web sites for more information and best practices specific to your sector.)

In the Great Lakes region, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and the Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention (P4P2) will be hosting the 14th Annual Pollution Prevention Conference and Trade Show on Thursday, September 22.

GLRPPR’s sister Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx) center, the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC) is hosting a 20th anniversary banquet for its regional P2 roundtable during P2 Week.  Highlights will include a presentation by Dara O’Rourke, founder of the Good Guide, and former PPRC staff member.

And to kick off P2 Week, P2Rx has announced the launch of the National Sustainable Lodging Network, an online community of sustainable hospitality practitioners and an information clearinghouse to support the work of this community, found online at This site brings lodging operations together with federal, state, local, and tribal sustainable hospitality programs, including environmental agencies, tourism boards, and lodging associations. The goals for the site are to provide forums for sustainable hospitality practitioners to share information on practices and challenges; elevate sustainable hospitality programs and the facilities that participate in them; increase the adoption of sustainable hospitality practices nationwide; and foster innovation in sustainable lodging through the exchange of ideas.

If your organization or community is hosting a special event this week, tell us about it in the comments section of this post.

Regional P2 Champions

Friday, September 24th, 2010 by
Jeff Burke presents P2 Champion awards to Dr. Tim Lindsey & Phil Kaplan.

Jeff Burke presents P2 Champion awards to Dr. Tim Lindsey & Phil Kaplan.

Two people from the Great Lakes region were honored recently as “Pollution Prevention Champions” by the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable. Jeff Burke, NPPR Executive Director, presented the MVP2 awards to Tim Lindsey, Associate Director of the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, and Phil Kaplan, recently retired P2 Coordinator for EPA Region 5. They were honored for their leadership and innovation in pollution prevention programs.

Congratulations to both Tim and Phil for this well-deserved recognition!

ISTC Receives Pair of National Environmental Awards

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 by

The Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) has received a pair of national environmental awards. Awards were received for the Sustainable Electronics Initiative (SEI) and by Dr. Tim Lindsey.

MVP2 Awards

The 2010 Most Valuable Pollution Prevention (MVP2) awards presented by the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR) celebrate the successes of innovators in the areas of pollution prevention and sustainability. These prestigious awards were presented recently at a ceremony in Washington, DC.  ISTC is a unit of the Institute of Natural Resource Sustainability at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Happy P2 Week (Sept. 20-26)!

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 by

National Pollution Prevention (P2) Week is in full swing, and it’s a great time to consider and celebrate what your organization or business, and you as an individual, are doing to prevent pollution in the first place. Promoting the idea of eliminating waste before it is even created is obviously one of the major objectives of organizations like the Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable (GLRPPR).

This year is particularly special, because it marks the 20th Anniversary of the passing of the Federal Pollution Prevention Act (PPA), which established the national policy that pollution should be prevented or reduced at the source whenever feasible. According to the U.S. EPA’s Pollution Prevention (P2) home page, “Pollution prevention (P2) is reducing or eliminating waste at the source by modifying production processes, promoting the use of non-toxic or less-toxic substances, implementing conservation techniques, and re-using materials rather than putting them into the waste stream.” The best way to solve a problem is to revise your actions to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. Pollution prevention not only protects the environment and public health, it also conveys economic benefits in terms of increased efficiency and lessening the financial burden associated with waste disposal, toxic clean up, and other liability issues.

The following links will help you learn more about P2 Week and some of this year’s celebrations. I encourage you to share what you and/or your organization is doing for P2 Week in the “Comments” section of this post.

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Celebrate Pollution Prevention Week, Sept. 15-21, 2008

Monday, September 15th, 2008 by

Today begins National Pollution Prevention Week (September 15-21 in 2008).  This year’s theme is “Pollution Prevention – Where Sustainable Practices Begin.” Check out U.S. EPA’s P2 Week page (linked to above) for tips on preventing pollution at home, at work, in the garden and on the road. More in depth information is also provided on the environmental benefits of pollution prevention methods and what is being done to prevent pollution within the U.S. EPA itself.

If you’re planning an activity or celebration in honor of P2 Week, or if your organization offers information on its web site promoting P2 Week, tell us about it by using the “Comments” area for this blog post. The comments will serve as a way to promote your events and share ideas and experiences with the rest of the P2 community.

National Pollution Prevention Week, Sept. 17-23; Share Your Celebrations!

Thursday, September 13th, 2007 by

National Pollution Prevention (P2) Week is the third full week in September each year, making it September 17-23 for 2007. Pollution prevention is reduction or elimination of pollution at the source, and involves more efficient use of resources, the substitution of less harmful substances for hazardous ones, and the elimination of toxic substances from production processes. The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable offers tips for preventing pollution at home, work, and school on its web site.

If you’re planning an activity or celebration in honor of P2 Week, or if your organization offers information on its web site promoting P2 Week, tell us about it by using the “Comments” area for this blog post. The comments will serve as a way to promote your events and share ideas and experiences with the rest of the P2 community.

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Michigan DEQ has a section on P2 Week on its web site, including a P2 Week planner and sample resolution, an environmental calendar, and P2 Week posters. The Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention are hosting the 10th Annual Pollution Prevention Conference and Trade Show during P2 Week, and IDEM will present the Indiana Governor’s Awards for Environmental Excellence during this event. Check the GLRPPR Calendar for other events that are taking place during P2 Week, and if you know of others, share them in the “Comments” section!