What is a “blog?”

A “blog” or “weblog” is a type of web site that includes frequently updated entries that provide commentary, news, or information highlights. In some sense, it’s like an informal newsletter, with more interaction between the authors and readers than is possible in a standard electronic newsletter. In a blog, readers can leave comments on posts (the equivalent of articles in a newsletter), creating a discussion around the topic of the post.

What is the purpose of the GLRPPR Blog?

The GLRPPR Blog is meant to facilitate and encourage networking and information exchange among P2 professionals and others in the Great Lakes region that are interested in promoting sustainability principles in industry and everyday life. We hope you’ll use the blog to stay up-to-date on environmental issues and to share ideas and techniques with your colleagues. Not everyone can come to conferences for direct interaction with their colleagues. Let the GLRPPR Blog bring the benefits of such interaction to your desktop.

How does the blog differ from the GLRPPR news service?

The blog will include not only current news, but also resources that GLRPPR staff members think you might find interesting or useful. It’s our way of pointing out interesting information to you, while providing you with a way to comment or expand upon on that information, in order to provide us with feedback or to enrich the information shared among your colleagues.

How does the blog differ from the LINK newsletter?

LINK was produced quarterly, and was a static publication that did not allow readers to leave comments in direct response to any given article. The GLRPPR Blog will be updated frequently (at least a few times a week, and often daily). Readers will have the opportunity to leave comments on posts and to see what other readers have to say about those posts.  Instead of submitting articles to an editor for inclusion in the newsletter, you might submit ideas or information for inclusion in blog posts, or articles that would be posted on your behalf.

How does the blog differ from a listserv?

Unlike a listserv, in which any subscriber can randomly drive the content of the discussion, the blog will be more structured. GLRPPR staff members will write the regular posts and readers can respond by posting comments. This allows for more focused discussions. Blog posts are also archived, categorized and searchable, creating an online repository of information that can be accessed at any time. The archives can be linked to from other web sites (including the main GLRPPR site and portions of it which might relate to blog categories, such as the Sector Resources). Listservs are email based, and can sometimes become a burden on the inbox of subscribers, causing the managers of listservs to be more conservative in using them to disseminate information (i.e. high-quality, but low volume). Blogs allow for more liberal sharing of information, since the readers are more in control of receiving the information by either going to the blog site to read new posts or reading RSS feeds of posts via news aggregators (i.e. high-quality and high-volume, since the readers can pick and chose what and when to read). A blog combines the benefits of both a content-rich website and the direct interactions offered by a listserv, while avoiding the sense of “information overload” sometimes created by high-traffic listservs. In the event that you would prefer to read the blog via email, that option is also available (see below).

Is the blog moderated? How do I leave a comment?

The GLRPPR Blog is moderated. Only authorized individuals (typically GLRPPR staff members, although an occasional “guest blogger” might be asked to provide expert insight on a subject) are capable of posting entries in the blog.

In order to leave a comment on a post, readers must register and login to WordPress, the blog publishing system used to produce the GLRPPR Blog. This is free, and simply requires filling out an online form to create a username and password. Once you have a WordPress username and password, you can login at any subsequent time to leave a comment on the GLRPPR Blog. When you click on the “leave a comment” link under a blog post, you’ll be automatically prompted to login to WordPress. If you’re commenting for the first time, you’ll create your username and password at that time.

Blog administrators (GLRPPR staff members) must also approve comments before they are published to the blog for public consumption. This is for quality control purposes (e.g. to prevent pranksters or spammers from leaving inappropriate remarks, to ensure professionalism and proper etiquette among those commenting on blog posts, etc.).

Can I read the blog with my news aggregator?

Yes, blog posts are available in an RSS feed, just like the GLRPPR news service. Click on the links below to add the blog feed to your aggregator of choice.

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Can I get blog posts sent to my email account?

Yes, if you prefer to check the blog in this fashion, you can do so. You can subscribe to the blog via email by clicking on the “Subscribe to the GLRPPR Blog By Email” link available along the top right of the main blog page, or by going directly to the subscription form. Simply submit your email address. You’ll receive an email message with instructions for you to confirm your subscription, and once you do, you’ll start receiving the latest blog posts in your email inbox. You only receive email when something new is posted.

Who do I contact with questions or suggestions?

If you have any questions about the blog not addressed here, or if you have suggestions for information to include in the GLRPPR Blog, contact Joy Scrogum at jscrogum@istc.illinois.edu.