Guidelines & Instructions for Submitting Articles to P2Rx GreenBiz Column

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P2Rx hosts P2 Impact, a monthly P2 column for the GreenBiz newsletter. We are seeking authors to write articles according to our guidelines. Articles need to be exclusive to P2Rx and GreenBiz among green-focused websites, with the exception of summaries appearing on your own company or personal site.

What GreenBiz Wants: Current topics relevant to P2 and sustainability program managers and to the green business community. We will accept both shorter (500-800 word) and longer (800-1,200 word) pieces across a range of topics. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Stories of companies or initiatives — your own or others
  • Insights into business process, operations, or technologies
  • Profiles or Q&A with business leaders or thought leaders
  • Empirical research from within your own company or across several companies
  • Personal observations, insights and experiences, e.g. “What I’ve learned” or “How I got my job”
  • Advice and how-to pieces
  • Questions/challenges to the audience to which you intend to follow up or respond

What GreenBiz Doesn’t Want: Technical or scientific debates; politics, except to the extent it directly affects business strategy; reviews of consumer products; rants; or repurposed press releases.

Target Audience: Senior leaders in large corporations. Some have “environment” or “sustainability” in their titles, but many don’t. They come from operations, HR, marketing, purchasing, facilities, real estate, fleets, finance, etc. Their firms are driven by hardcore business goals as much as by sustainability ones, and they’re seeking to align the two.

The GreenBiz Filter: They continually ask ourselves the simple but brutal question: “So what?” That is, now that someone has read your piece, what did they learn? (A good gut check is whether they would forward it to friends or colleagues.) If it doesn’t have some kind of takeaway, implicit or explicit. it’s probably not worth reading — or writing.

Article Content and Messaging

  • Articles need to be practical and P2 relevant. A good example is a case study where people can see how P2 programs were implemented. What are the barriers and what are challenges? Are there areas that require more work? Behavioral change is an important element.
  • Article should revolve around a business interest and not necessarily a public agency need. Articles need to be timely, current and unique.
  • Articles should be source reduction oriented and ideally focused on priority programs or projects that align with EPA’s strategic goals. Topics need to have transferability and relevance across sectors. For example, “how a company changed cleaning processes in order to reduce VOC use.” Please include a quote, testimonial or case study in your article for better readership.

General Guidelines

  • Articles must have a human interest element to address the business focused audience.
  • Do not use P2 jargon. Instead, use language that’s being used in the general environmental and business community.
  • We want to keep on point about the merits of pollution prevention.
  • Must be original content (not repurposed articles).
  • Articles must address the general business community.

How to Submit an Article Proposal

Send article proposals to Paula Del Guidice. Include a brief paragraph of the planned article theme, length, focus, topics covered and possible arguments. Include a short biography of the author including P2 experience.

Article Acceptance Process

Article proposals will be judged by a review committee and you will be notified if your proposal is selected. Once accepted, you will be approved to write a professional article according to P2Rx guidelines and timelines. Generally, the article is due three (3) weeks prior to the publish date and accepted any-time after approved concept. Include author biography and digital photo with submission. Once the article is finished, the P2Rx article review committee will give you suggestions for improvement if applicable. We may change the order of publishing of articles depending upon timeliness of submittal and content in the article. Any articles that do not meet the author guidelines and acceptable writing standards will be rejected.

What to Submit with your Article Copy

Please send all this information with your final revised article:

  • A headline (please keep it to 65 characters, including spaces)
  • A short summary (no more than 120 characters, including spaces)
  • Headshot photo and bio: If you or the person you are submitting does not have an profile on GreenBiz, please submit a headshot photo (heads and shoulders only) with a short bio (one paragraph is fine, more if you wish)
  • Photos (landscape orientation only) with photo credit: If you do not have permission to use it, please don’t send it and suggest that it should be used with the blog. Photos are optional, but real-life (and good quality!) photos accompanying the posts are invaluable additions. Preferred size is 550×413 pixels.

GreenBiz Republication Policy

GreenBiz does allow authors to republish their P2 Impact pieces on other web sites. However, they request that other publications wait two weeks from the original post date and include the phrase (at the beginning or end of the article), “This piece originally appeared on GreenBiz.”

About GreenBiz

GreenBiz advances the opportunities at the intersection of business, technology and sustainability. Through its websites, events, peer-to-peer network and research, GreenBiz promotes the potential to drive transformation and accelerate progress — within companies, industries and in the very nature of business.

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