Cash donations (via the UI Foundation) can help us cover operating costs (e.g. staff salaries, consumables and equipment, paying utilities, supporting battery and other special recycling programs, supporting workshops and other educational programming, etc.).

Cash donations may alternatively be used to support staff time, travel, and preparation for off-campus pop-up repair clinics in your community. We want to spread our efforts beyond the UIUC campus to get consumers comfortable with the idea of device repair instead of replacement as a feasible option. This supports our desire to promote sustainability and prolong the useful life of products into which natural and human resources have already been invested.

In-kind donations of materials are also welcome (see the “wish list” link below), but we do NOT accept electronic devices for recycling. If you wish to recycle unwanted electronics, please see our site’s “Recycle” section. For any items not on the wish list, please contact us first to ensure that we can put the item to good use.

You can also donate your time by becoming a volunteer.

Visit these subpages for detailed donation information: