Stop By for Assistance

In addition to being open for the public at INHS Storage Building 3 (the actual Illini Gadget Garage), we conduct frequent “pop-up” clinics in various locations. We want it to be as convenient as possible for members of the community to practice sustainability through electronic product maintenance and stewardship, keeping devices out the waste stream before their time.

Check open hours for the physical location on this web site. Check our Google Calendar for upcoming pop-up dates, times, and locations. We’ll also announce them on Facebook and Twitter.

Diagnostic Form

If you plan to come in either to the physical workshop or to one of our pop-ups, please take a few minutes to fill out our online diagnostic form. This will give us some preliminary information on the problem you’re experiencing, so we can do a little research ahead of time and thus spend our one-on-one time a bit more efficiently.

Want Us to Come to You Instead? Host a Pop-Up Clinic or Employee Engagement Event.

If your UI department, residence hall, or student organization would like to host a pop-up repair clinic, please fill out the “Host a Pop-Up Clinic” form to express your interest. We’ll be in touch to work out the details. See our page on pop-up clinics for more information.

Not part of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign but want to bring a pop-up to a public space in the community? That’s ok. Note that fees are necessary for off-campus pop-ups to allow us to expand services to the community beyond the campus and recover associated costs. There may be a sponsor in your area willing to cover costs; we can work with you to identify one, if needed. Go ahead and fill out the “Host a Pop-Up Clinic” form linked to above, and we’ll be in touch.

If you’d like us to bring special employee engagement programming to your business, see